Standard 10" Tablet Docking Station with Wire Harness

The Standard 10" Tablet Docking Station with Wire Harness is home base for your Sasquatch tablet. 


      1. Standard Ram Mounts 1.912 on the back. but also Vesa 75mm mounting holes for more versatility.
      2. The tablet can be hard fixed with screws to the docking station.
      3. At the top, there is a spring pressured holding mechanism that helps secure the tablet.
      4. ACC for auto turn-on and off. This can also be managed in settings of Android. 
      5. PowerDC8-36V+ (red) & - (black GND) lead wires.
      6. GPIO - for greater capabilities General Purpose Input/Output were added. By design it has no predefined purpose and can be used by the hardware or software developer to perform the functions they choose. Example - Turning on and turning off an additional CPU.
      7. 1 USB 2.0 data only female connection
      8. Pogo Pins - Communicates directly to the tablets CPU. It handles all the digital connections while in the docking station.

Quickly connect the tablet for a quick or long ride. Just as quickly disconnect and use it handheld. 

Connecting the docking station is simple and easy. Connect 2 power wires and you are ready to go! 


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