Our Mission is to provide every Off-Road Adventurer, a personalized, reliable, rugged and durable tablet solution for Mapping and GPS. This also includes a powered docking station for greater functionality. Our tablets are not limited to Side by Sides (SxS) Polaris etc. It can be used in any off-road vehicle application.

Having been part of the off-road vehicle market for many years, it became clear to us that the one-size-fits-all device approach from major OEMs is not what the majority of adventurers want. Most of these devices are mounted in or onto the vehicle with one mapping solution and other limited capabilities. Some don’t have any other function other than a proprietary mapping application. In many cases these OEM options cost $2,500+. Some RIDECOMMAND limitations are; importing and exporting GPS or GPX files. The ability to download custom base maps. Limitations on memory for keeping a lot of maps. Deleting maps takes many clicks and once you update the firmware, you lose all your saved maps and data. You'll have to save all your data if you want to keep it. This can be time consuming. We like RIDECOMMAND for many reasons, just not as many as we dislike. You can do so much more with a removable tablet solution as your GPS, GO-ANYWHERE tablet. 

Other options like; iPads™ or Galaxy™ tablets that need a clunky Otter BOX™, have a small LCD making it hard to see, that isn't bright enough in most conditions and they overheat. We've thought of all these issues. Don't get lost in the desert or woods. It's scary! 

SxS Rugged Tablets are built for adventurers that want the power to use any mapping application of their choice or any other application to make their off-road adventure complete. Plan, track, take photos of Waypoints on the trail and share your experiences. The great outdoors can be harsh on electronic devices. We made it to withstand those conditions. 

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