What do I do if I'm having problems?

It depends on the problem but, call 623-428-1537 or email support@sxsruggedtablets.com

How do I mount the tablet?

There are many ways to mount the tablet and for most, it's personal preference. Here are some mounting options. MOUNTING OPTIONS

What's the first thing you should do when you unbox your tablet?

Be sure to fully charge (approx. 4 hours) the equipment when charging the equipment for the first time. In many cases it will take less time to charge. 

How should I store the tablet for long term?

If you are putting away the battery for more than three months, it is recommended that the battery should be stored separately, fully charged, and get recharged every three months. If you store an uncharged battery, it could fall into a deep worn-out state which would render it incapable of holding any charge. 

How do I power on the device?

Find the red button at the top and press & hold for 3 seconds. The system needs about 25 seconds to boot. The power indicator is green when it's powered. *User Guide

How do I power off the device?

Find the red button at the top and press & hold for 3 seconds. POWER OFF Option will appear on screen. Select POWER OFF. *User Guide

How do I Sleep and Wake the device?

Auto sleep can be setup in settings as well as no sleep.*User Guide

How do I replace the Battery?

See 2.2 Changing the battery in User Guide

How do I know if the tablet is charging?

Red light is on with the tablet power on or off. 

How do I check the Battery level?

The Battery has a status indicator at the top of the LCD like more devices. To view charge percentage, swipe down the status bar and you will see the charging %.

Is the tablet like a big phone?

Yes, the tablet operates similarly to an Android phone with more rugged outdoor capabilities. 

Is GNSS the same as GPS?

GNSS (or Global Navigation Satellite System) is a broad term encompassing different types of satellite-based positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems used globally. GPS (or Global Positioning System) is one such type of Global Navigation Satellite System.