Ultimate Guide to GPS Devices for Off-Roading - Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Best Off-road GPS

Thinking of going off-road? Wandering what to pack your bags with?
Well, the first thing you need to do is find a complete guide on choosing an Off-Road GPS that suits you best. Off-roading can be fun as long as you don't have to worry about how to get back home safely. To avoid such situations, choose your Off-road navigation tools wisely.

Why do you need an Off-Road GPS Navigator?

An off-road GPS navigator is all you need for your next voyage into the woods. Explore the beauty of nature to its core. Gift yourself a stress-free mind to soak in the best experience of exploring by going off-road with a rugged off-road GPS system.

Some of the reasons why you must need an off-road GPS navigator are:

● An off-road GPS navigator will provide you with accurate navigation. Traditional GPS systems may not be able to cover remote, rugged terrain.

● Off-road GPS devices often come with tailored features on outdoor activities such as topographic maps, waypoints, trailheads, etc. Which are crucial while planning an off road trip to avoid unwanted obstacles like, cliffs, impassable terrains or water bodies.

● Some Off Road GPS devices also allow users to track their routes and share them with others, enhancing safety by enabling friends or emergency services to locate them if needed. For those outdoor enthusiasts, this device can be your perfect adventure partner to rely on while going Off-Road.

What do you need in your Off-Road GPS Navigator?

Here is everything that you will need in your very own personalized, reliable Off-Road GPS navigator:

Navigation Accuracy

When going off the beaten path, the only thing you can rely on is an off-road GPS navigation system. It provides accurate navigation and lets you enjoy your trip with no worries. Despite having several off-roading partners in your trip, an off-road GPS system is the best to club up with when setting foot for an off-road venture. As they say, A friend in need is a friend indeed. This rugged off-road GPS tool is your steadfast guide through the wild. With its digital compass and unwavering signals, it leads you through dense forests and rugged terrains through the safest routes and ensures the adventurers an obstacle-free expedition.

Touch Screen

● With the Android 9.0 Pie software, an off-road GPS tablet is much more than just a navigation system. It provides a Hi-Res, Super Bright LCD 1280 x 800 IPS. 1000cd / m2 High-Bright Sunlight Readable Optically Bonded LCD. An ambient light sensor that adjusts to its environment provides you with the best display light.

● Gorilla Glass touch screen with 10 points of multi-touch with gesture controls.

● The touch screen is water-resistant, combating all challenging outdoor conditions, including heavy rain, mud, and splashes. With robust waterproofing, it remains fully functional even in wet environments.


An off-road GPS device must endure harsh conditions like dust, mud, heavy rain, splashes, and shocks. The durability of these gadgets is paramount. Built with rugged materials like reinforced plastic and rubber, these devices withstand impacts and vibrations, ensuring the users full functionality in any given environment. Long-lasting batteries of DCB-36V/ 3.7 8000 mAH to keep them running for extended periods. With durability at their core, rugged Off-Road GPS systems navigate the most challenging terrains reliably, guiding you safely throughout your journey.


● Providing the users with the best wireless connection of Bluetooth 4.2 BLE.
● Uninterrupted WiFi accessibility of iEEE 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac, 2.4GHz/ 5GHz.
● Mobile broadband 4G LTE SIM slots.

Additional Features

An Off-Road GPS is not just a navigation tool but also comes with the ultimate package of an Android device. Some of the fascinating features provided by these devices include:

Camera: The Sasquatch camera allows users to capture vivid, high-quality images. Thus, the beauty of nature is not just limited to your eyes; you can now save and share pictures of your adventure.
● Docking Station with RAM Mount: Docking station with POGO 24 pins, security lock, power wires, USB 2.0 (data only) GPIO Positive Trigger - Input x2, Output x2, Optional OBDII Dock.

Off Road adventures can be a great opportunity to trail back down ones own roots. To once again sync in the lap of nature from where we have come. To get a chance to cool down your soul under the long and shady trees. Mother nature has so much to offer, its just the human beings who fail to see her beauty in its own organic way.

Going off-road is an incredible way of celebrating our mother nature's beauty and tributing with our respect and care towards her. Uplift your spirit and bring back your love and passion towards her by encouraging people around you to explore and experience the beauty of nature by going on off-road ventures. Grab your Off Roading essential kits with the perfect rugged Off-Road GPS Tablet that suits your needs and set yourself out into the divinity view of nature.

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